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You have a ton of options here to do remote control.

What Is the Apple Magic Trackpad

We like Screens as one of the better options. With it, tapping into your computer remotely is easy, and you get full multi-touch control when you're in. Essentially, with little set up you'll have complete access to your home computer from anywhere on your iPad. Screens is expensive, but you have a lot of other solid options including, Jump Desktop , LogMeIn , or Mocha VNC that offer a similar experience depending on the features you're looking for. Not surprisingly, you have quite a few options for turning your iPad into a trackpad, mouse, or general remote control for your computer.

We have a few options for doing this we like depending on exactly what you're looking for. If you're looking for a general purpose trackpad, we like Mobile Mouse. On a basic level, Mobile Mouse turns your iPad into a trackpad mouse with multi touch, but it does a ton of other things, including, application launcher, working as a file browser, media remote, web remote, presentation remote, numeric keyboard, and more.

Essentially, it turns your iPad into a smart track pad that can also operate as an extension to your keyboard. The A. Thorin Klosowski.

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And I dont see free trial. I wanted to try it before buy. And second - iDisplay. Its not free too. Does this work good? Anyone use it? I have used Astropad, and I really like it. It works super good with Illustrator. I am intrigued to try AirStylus. Sergey Kandakov Astropad does have a free trial the Mac app does.

Definitely check it out before you buy, but I think you'll like it.

Stroke Lab

It depends a lot on the project. First I use my iPad as a sketchbook, I bring it to life drawing sessions, make mood boards on it, brainstorm and do preliminary sketches.

Apple's new Touch Bar works with Photoshop (CNET News)

Experimenting with apps can spark ideas, and the iOS apps are so inexpensive compared to desktop apps. For vector art I use iDraw and for painting I use Procreate which allows you dpi output for up to A4 size. Next I export my artwork to my desktop computer where I assemble it. For patterns I'll use Illustrator to create the repeats with the parts I made on my iPad. I might use Photoshop to add textures and other final touches, or Illustrator for its effects and precision. Icons and other artwork that need a kind of numeric precision and snapping to grid, is the only artwork that I create on my desktop these days.

I might still do the sketches for them on my iPad. I teach and do public speaking around iPhoneography and painting on the iPad and I've written a few guides on apps for various art areas on my Marmalade Moon blog.

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  • If you'd like to take a look, you'll find the app guides under the tab for "guides and tutorials". Kate England very cool. I really like Adobe's new drawing apps too but I can't for the life of me figure out how they can stamp the name "Illustrator" on a product that doesn't produce vector artwork. MilanFarkas Astropad have a recommendation for a pen that works on the iPad 2. Some say it's not as accurate as true pressure sensitivity but if you visit the astropad home page you can find more info which might help you. Oh how Interesting to hear how you work, Josh Johnson!

    I have Fifty Three's Pencil too, but use it in Procreate since I need more brushes, colours and higher resolution than Paper offers. Paper's gimmicky undo function drives me nuts and makes it so slow to work for me, so although I made my first professional grade artwork with Paper - watercolours that I vectorised for a surface pattern for fabric - I was glad to find first Sketches, which lets you undo without doing a little dance on the screen.

    Sketches has an iPhone companion and similar but in my opinion better brushes than Paper, and also allows for changing the size of brushes, and expanding the palette here's the link http: Yes, Adobe's mobile apps are a big disappointment and there are many other alternative apps from indie developers that are superior in functionality. You also have to subscribe to the cloud to even be able to access your own work from your desktop. Although there is a Photoshop for iOS there are many other photo editors for iOS that perform much better.

    I think though, that the two Adobe apps that offer unique and interesting functions are Adobe Shape and Adobe Brush. Autodesk's iOS apps are excellent, in my opinion the best iOS apps coming from one of the established software companies. The iOS system opened up possibilities for new, indie developers, who quite often truly "think differently" than the established software producers. This in itself I find inspiring! Oh, on the topic of styluses, rumour has it that there's going to be a new iPad Pro this autumn. It would possibly come with the first Apple made stylus and iPad artists are hoping this will solve the whole pressure sensitivity issue once and for all!

    Here's a link for further reading: Kate England my bet is that Apple will be building in a high level of touch sensitivity with the next iPad.

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    • You see them experimenting with this tech already on the recent Watch and trackpad with Force Touch. I have a really hard time believing Apple will ever make a stylus though. Just my two cents! Astropad Studio just proved you wrong.

      10 Apps to Turn Your iPad Into a Bad Ass Drawing Tablet

      The best part about Astropad is that it feels like I'm drawing in my sketch book, except my one pen tool is equal to hundreds. It's the most efficient way to get my work done without sacrificing quality. Astropad Studio turns your iPad into a completely customizable graphics tablet. It's our highest performance tool for the most demanding creative work.

      Built for creative professionals Astropad Studio has been designed from the ground up for professionals. Magic Gestures. Now with Full Keyboard. Powered by Liquid. Low Latency Performance Liquid.

      How to Augment Your Computer with an iPad

      JPEG at 60fps and equivalent bitrates. Pro features for pro artists We'll keep pushing the boundaries so that you can too. Velocity Control Perfectly balanced image quality and latency. Use with any App Works with any Mac app no drivers required. Custom Shortcuts Build your own gesture shortcuts. Priority Support Receive top-level assistance when you need it the most. Unlimited Upgrades Monthly updates bring you continuous innovation. admin