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Calls, SMS, and the app notifications you allowed, mirrored to the large computer screen you are focused on. The usual method for transferring and managing files between Android and Mac systems has always been rather crude, and so we meticulously developed HandShaker to make managing content on your phone from your Mac easy and effortless. HandShaker intelligently organizes files on your phone by type, including photos, music, and video, and lets you edit files on your phone right from your desktop. Portal makes transferring pictures, videos, and other files from your computer onto your phone simple.

Top 4 Free Android Wireless File Transfer Apps

Just grab the app, scan the code above, and then drop as many files as you want onto this site. Files are transferred over your WiFi connection. Have Android 5. Your email address will not be published. Ngan Tengyuen.

Part 1: WiFi File Transfer

It also supports remote connection. It means that users can transfer the files even if they are unable to find any Wi-Fi connection.

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It uses mobile data traffic in this mode. WiFi File Explorer Pro is one of the most popular paid file transfer android apps available today. Usually, people do not like to pay for file Explorer or file transfer apps but the features available in this app have forced many people to pay for it.

It allows users to download the entire folder structure and backup the entire SD card or just individual directories with just a single click. With WiFi File Explorer Pro, you can upload and download multiple batches of files while transferring files from android to PC or vice versa.

It is not just a transfer tool but it also acts as a backup tool. In simple terms, it allows you to back up the phone data.

7 Free Apps to Transfer Files between Android and Mac over WiFi | Mashtips

You can restore backups to the new phone with just a single click. It can erase all the existing data on your phone in a secure manner to ensure that nobody can access any data on your old phone. Free Download Free Download. Back Explore. Android Toolbox.

Card Recovery Solutions File Recovery. Mac Recovery Data Recovery Tips. Recover Data. WhatsApp Transfer. Part 1: Allows you to upload entire folders using Google Chrome.

HandShaker - Best Android File Transfer for Mac

Runs as a background service and does not annoy you while transferring files. Offers shortcuts to music, video and photo directories. Allows you to view the uploaded photos directly on the Web browser as it comes with an integrated thumbnail gallery.

Part 2: Wifi Droid

Comes with an optional feature of auto starting the service when you are connected to your home network. Your android phone and your computer need to be in the same local network to use this app.

7 Free Apps to Transfer Files between Android and Mac over WiFi

The password setting is optional and some people may not use it properly thus making the device vulnerable over public Wi-Fi networks. You may not be able to use other server apps while using this app unless you change the port number. Part 2: Wifi Droid Wifi Droid is another popular app. Offers a free viewer that allows you to view a preview of the image without clicking. It also offers security with password protection.

It also includes an audio player and a media player in the app that allows you to view all the media in the same window.

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You won't be able to use other server apps if this app uses the same port number. However, you may easily change the port number through the settings in this app. The password protection feature is optional and you need to remember to use it while using public Wi-Fi networks. Part 3: