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While many will keep the root user account password the same as their general administrator password, this is not always recommended for some situations, and thus these Mac users may wish to change the root user account password in Mac OS X.

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To be perfectly clear, this means that the root login account could have a different and unique password from a systems administrator account. Of course it could be the same as well, but because there is potential for differing passwords, be sure to not forget one or the other, otherwise you could run into some trouble.

Five Ways to Reset a Lost Administrator Password

Again, this is only appropriate for advanced Mac users who have a reason to be using the root user account to begin with. This is not the same as changing an admin users password , which are completely separate user accounts from the superuser root. Directory Utility looks the same in all versions of OS X and the Edit menu will always include the ability to change root password:.

Do note the password change will apply to root regardless of how it was enabled, either through the command line or Directory Utility in OS X. This us unlike a more general administrative login account in OS X where the admin account username and password may change, depending on the login credentials for a given user account. As already mentioned, this means you can set a different password for the broader root login from any administrator level account.

Remember that once you change the root account password it will be necessary to enter the new password anytime the sudo command is invoked, or anytime a user wishes to login directly with the root user. This applies to anything using root from the command line or the general OS X GUI, whether executing scripts, command strings, launching GUI apps as root , or whatever else is requiring direct root usage. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:.

System Administrator Apple Default Password | Mac Support

You can get to root with: If you want root access remotely, make a public private key pair and ssh into root with that instead. Thanks for the important tip. Administrator password should trip the wire, yes? Changing user password is not the same as changing root user password. You'll need to enter the password twice to confirm it. Click "Change Password" to save it. Log out and log in with your original account and new password.

You'll be able to log in using the password you just created. When you log in with your new password, you'll be prompted to update your Keychain password or create a new one.

You won't be able to update the password since you don't know the old one. You'll need to create a new Keychain that you'll using moving forward. Method 4. This method will only work for changing a password when you know the original. If you can't remember your password, use one of the other methods in this article. Click the padlock in the lower-left corner and enter your current password. This will allow you to make changes to the settings. Select your user account and click "Change Password. Enter your old password in the first field.

This is the password you are currently using. Create a new password. You'll need to enter it twice to verify it.

Add a hint optional. You can add a hint for your password that can be displayed if you are having trouble logging in. This is recommended so that you don't have to go through the trouble of resetting your password if you ever forget it. Start using your new password immediately.

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  • Enable or disable the root user!

Your password will be applied immediately, and you'll use it whenever you're prompted for your password. My computer prompt is 'bash Do you know why? Did you forget the "load" command?

Log in as the root user

Be sure to type it all in correctly as shown above! Yes No.

Not Helpful 7 Helpful 9. Liza Gaylord. This should work for all Apple computers. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. I forgot the system preferences username and password on my Mac Air, and I can't enable the change settings while clicking the lock menu. How do I reset it so I can use it? Enter "root" as the username and leave the password blank. Then you can access the system preferences menu. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 0.

System Administrator Apple Default Password

Unanswered Questions. Given an MacBook secondhand - they don't remember their password. It won't allow me to shut down without it. Answer this question Flag as Flag as Apple provides a support document with more details, along with instructions for Mac OS X Use the Recovery Partition — Starting with To reset the administrator password when running Lion or later:.

Doing so relies on having access to the email address associated with your Apple ID; if that email account could be compromised, allowing the administrator password to be reset by the Apple ID might provide a way that the physical security of your Mac could be attacked. One quirk. If you upgraded from Read this Apple support document for more information about FileVault.

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No Excuse for a Lost Password — Regardless of how or why an administrator password has been lost or forgotten, there are a variety of techniques that you can use to reset it and regain full access to a Mac. Interesting - I hadn't run across that one before. It looks like it creates a new user account as well, though, so it would be good mostly in a situation where you didn't care about the files in the account whose password has been lost. admin