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Wanna just play online instead? You can also invite your friends into your lobby through PSN to get all your game buddies into one lobby. That means that both a player sitting on the couch on his PS4 and a player on the bus playing on his PS Vita can enjoy Risk of Rain chaos — together. And for all our new PlayStation fans — thank you so much for your support, and prepare to die. A lot. April 14, in Featured , Media , News , Uncategorized. This small patch has been mostly focused on improving the online portion of the game and other small bug fixes.

Below is a list of most the gameplay and bug fixes that we did with the help of Leth from Chucklefish griffinmatta. February 20, in Featured , Media , News , Uncategorized. We are alive! OR you can follow this thread and post and questions or concerns you may have: November 18, in Featured , Media , News , Uncategorized.

October 28, in Featured , Media , News.

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October 22, in Featured , Media , News. July 30, in Featured , Media , News. PlayStation platform progress is coming along as well. Now, onto Arena mode. June 18, in Featured , Media , News. Hey guys!

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Sorry for not updating for like… you know, 5 months. After we got into our major, college classes took up a lot more time than expected. Not a good excuse, but an honest one. Despite what people think, we actually have NOT escaped to Cuba to live a life of luxury. We have a lot of Risk of Rain stuff coming. What does this mean? Why is the Arena mode after all the above? The reason is because we have actually been throwing around the idea of a PvP mode Risk of Rain style , and we wanted to first see if latency is reduced in the upgrade to GM: If not, no worries; the previous plans continue.

Hope that clarifies where we are and where we are going. Risk of Rain Risk of Rain! Our Next Project — Risk of Rain 2 http: Risk of Rain Patch v1. Gameplay Changes: Frost Relic now caps icicle spawns after 3 kills Subsequent kills will now refresh the duration of existing icicles This was done to combat late-game crashing at very high number of kills Fireworks now caps with the Skeleton Key at 10 simultaneous releases This was done to combat late-game crashing at very high chest numbers Chargefield Generator now caps at a radius of px This was done to combat late-game crashing at very high number of kills Bug Fixes: Elite Ifrit now properly shows affix colors Blue affixes no longer leave green bodies and vice versa Imps now are properly colored when affixed Colossus now properly distributes elite affix spawns Fixed some clipping in character selection text Fulminating Wandering Vagrant now properly has firey trails Improved performance Credits now scroll at correct speed Thank you for your continued patience and we hope this build will be rolled out to the public soon with your help!

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This is a simple, and easy guide to show you how to host an online co-op game without forwarding ports! This item has been added to your Favorites.

Created by. Hueynuttyteeth Online. Guide Index. What is Hamachi? Downloading Hamachi. So, I saw there was a guide on how to host a game by port forwarding or opening the ports.

How to get Online co-op working?

Well, Say you don't want to do that. More than likely you have heard of Hamachi through Minecraft for example. This is going to a easy, simple guide because in all honesty, it not that hard. In a nutshell, it lets people connect to you that you have in a "network" that you have either created or have access to.

So first off, everyone that to want to have join you will need Hamachi. You can download it here: When you are there, Make sure you click the try for free Unless you wan to spend money You will need to create an account before you can download it, this lets to manage networks that you create.

Once you have it downloaded You should be prompt for setting up the network. It depends on who you are, you can set it as work, not public, but Home should be fine. Now that you have it downloaded and installed You should see something like this. It will automatically generate 2 Virtual IPs for you. They do tend to change over time. So, If you are the host, you will need to first create a network.

Your Hamachi should be empty with no networks unlike the example I showed with 3. To create a network, go to the Network tab and click "Create a New Network" You should now get a screen like this: Name your network and set a password, If you already scared of open a port, might as well password protect the Network too.

Remeber, If someone else wants to join, that have to know both the Name and Password to join. Plus, when logged in on the website for your networks, you can set them to where you have to manually allow people in, I will not be going over how to do that though. Once you have you network created you should be good to go! Free networks only allow 5 people per network including the host, I don't not know if there is a limit to how many networks one can make though. Launch up RoR and start up under Online Co-op game.

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You also will notice that your Port for will still be closed. Thats because you didn't open it! Ignore that too! Because you don't have to!