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Feb 14, 0 10, 3. I have come into possession of a Power Mac G5 A It boots and works great. There are antenna spots on the back of this machine for bluetooth and wifi. I have searched the OS for the wifi and bluetooth but they do not seem to be installed. Inside the "About this mac" window bluetooth is there but says "No information available" and i do not see the wifi card in this window at all. This is a clean install of OSX I looked inside the computer but this is my first Mac G5 ive had.

Did the drivers for the bluetooth and wifi not get installed or does this machine not have the hardware? I do not know if these options are just build onto the board or what.

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But if these options are there i cannot seem to make them work. I searched for drivers for this machine on the internet for a little bit but i cant seem to locate them. Difficult when i dont know exactly what im looking for.

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I want to say this machine does not have a bluetooth or wifi card installed, but then why are the antenna ports on the back? Did it come with the ports anyway so you can upgrade if you want? I thought when you did a clean install of OSX that it installed all the hardware for you. Atleast thats how my Macbook Pro works.

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I just install OSX and it does all the hardware for me. McHenryB Admirable. Jan 31, 2, 0 6, Bluetooth and WiFi were options on these models. If computers are trucks, then this is the biggest, meanest, most powerful vintage truck out there…. I had an interesting impulse purchase the other day—a Power Mac G5. My workplace was selling them for dirt-cheap because they were upgrading to Adobe Creative Suite 5, which, does not support any PowerPC Mac. Also slightly funny—I owned the first Power Mac tower, the , and I also now own the last.

This computer was fitted with the dual The first step involved getting these machines running a recent operating system. The hard drives were cleared and the original Mac OS X Unfortunately, this particular machine did not have the optional AirPort Extreme or Bluetooth cards installed—I did get an AirPort antenna with it, but the Bluetooth one was lost years ago or never came with it?

HOW-TO: Install a Bluetooth Module in a PowerMac G5

Digging through my parts bin, I found an AirPort Extreme card and Bluetooth module from some other era Mac and installed them. AirPort worked flawlessly, but without the antenna, Bluetooth was a no-go. The Power Mac G5 is a Faraday cage , after all. Looking online, the antennas are quite expensive—if you can find them. A friend suggested I give a paperclip a try, since they used these as makeshift AirPort antennas to replace stolen ones in a media editing lab.

The install was really fast for an erase-and-install. After Leopard, and a few software updates later, I was running the last operating system and patches that Apple thinks this machine should run. I did get Safari 5 and iTunes Visiting my longtime geek-parts site, Newegg.

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I decided to check out Best Buy for grins since I was doing some grocery shopping and saw that they had the RAM for a similar price…or so I thought. I bought 2 1GB sticks and headed home. Apple never broke the 3GHz barrier with these machines, and instead added processors and later cores to try to compensate when PCs were running at over 3GHz. The G5 processors also ran incredibly hot, so the G5 featured nine lower-RPM fans to keep things cool.