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Now, there are certain limitations to this and that doesn't happen sometimes, but that is the way things typically work. I click the change picture and it not doing anything just stays at the same picture. I moved the display dialog box TO the second monitor, and then it let me change that background. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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How to Set the Primary Display on a Mac

Is there a way to do that? I tried booting with just the second monitor plugged in and it did show up on the second monitor, but once again when I have both plugged in, the boot screen reverts to the first monitor. I am running Mac Pro with lion and 2 screens, each plugged into separate video card. A workaround for me is — if the logon screen shows up in the wrong place, do a restart from the logon screen.

Then it will start correctly and have the correct screen arrangement. I switched the monitors to the other cards, which solved the problem, but the monitors are different sizes and I do not want that arrangement. It appears there is a startup timing issue and sometimes the monitor starts quickly enough, and sometimes not. Moreover it is a common error that speakers use slides as note for themselves and reading them loudly.

Presenter View helps to solve this issue by showing notes, elapsed time on the speakers monitors, and the next slides. In order to access this functionality, mirroring has to be turned off in display settings, and extended display option has to be chosen.

More info here: Windows 7, Mac OSX […].

Primary desktop background won't change

For some reason I cannot get my display to fill my entire screen. Stephen Elliot: Did you find a solution to this? The native resolution of that monitor is x but it takes on the That was so awesome when I did it. Wow, Thank you.

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I have been a Windows user since Last summer , my 4th Sony Laptop which I paid over dollars for would not power on one morning. This was my 3rd Sony laptop that died before its time. I am a iPhone user and iPad user and have been very happy with them so I decided to make the plunge to a Mac. I installed a gb SSD and maxed out the memory at 16gb. I am so pleased with this small but powerful computer but I still have problems with finding things like this issue of selecting the primary display.

In Windows in the display settings it is one of the options to check on each display page. Its taken me a while. But then again I was so used to windows. I hope someone like you could make a single page with links comparing how windows did things like this and what Apple does. I wish Apple context windows had more options.

That is one of the Windows benefits, where ever you are pretty much right click and all the options you would like are there. Also, if there are other things you would like to do, for example one standard context option should I say is not standard is right click save to folder or copy to folder. But if you google you desires some one has already made up a program you download for free. It makes th registry changes for you and your done.

One of the benefits are all the free and low cost apps that after all this time Microsoft is finally doing the same. Anyway, Thanks again. But how to stop mac from automatically changing primary monitor?

And then I have to manually change it back. I have the right cable, but when I connect the two, my new laptop is the controlling system.

How to get your external monitor to show a different desktop. - Macintosh How To

How can I change it? Wish I had seen this earlier but this helped me a lot! Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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