Mac air trackpad not clicking

My trackpad still clicked, but it was very difficult to do so. It is old, and probably has a swollen battery, but I want to nurse it along without paying for repairs as long as possible. I can now easily navigate, and hopefully it will last a little longer, thanks!

Thanks fir the suggestion of using the arrows and return to log on. Worked fir me putting the mac to sleep. My click is back , thank you.

2. Check Relevant Settings

I was reading through the comments and I came across one that said they had a Bluetooth mouse that somehow got turned on. At first I thought it silly and unlikely that it was my issue. Low and behold I found the stupid mouse and problem solved. Thank You Willy Pott!! Hard reboot followed by closing lid to sleep my MacBook Pro worked! This was a life saver. Hi had a similar problem. No left mouse click even when using an external keyboard.

I tried different thing without success then I connected to an external display not sure this helped and managed to go into the mouse settings. Without really changing anything from there, everything went back to normal. I tried to restart and let it sleep for a few mins, failed…Funny thing was that i finally decided to do nothing except only shutting down the mac and turning on next morning. Finally, it worked again! The trackpad did again react to the mechanic clicks after resting for a day. Hopefully some of u will find it helpful to address the issue.

Willy Pott! Thanks so much for the tip! Thanks for the post! It was an external mouse being pushed down. I never would have thought of it. You will lose any unsaved data. Probably a good plan to check your bluetooth settings upon restart if that is possible. I cant do anything all I can do is use three fingers and make the screen move in and out. Have brand new Mac pro with the touch bar. Left click stopped working entirely. Tried restarting alone, but nothing.

Also, the only way I was able to get around he clicking problem was with the Bluetooth mouse. I think it is perfectly ridiculous to Reboot, close the lid and then re-start after a wait…. However, it worked…. Ok so my I could not close out but the arrow was tracking still.

I simply place 4 fingers on the pad and swiped left which took me to a quick launch screen. I then clicked on the plus sign in lower left corner once which took me to a secondary screen then clicked on the plus in lower left again. Once back to the original screen I swiped right.

This brought me back to my main page and the click button then worked again for me. Hope this helps.

MacBook Trackpad Not Working? 4 Troubleshooting Tips to Try

Thanks for this article. Thanks to the comments in this post… I was starting to think that my Mac was going bonkers. Turns out that my Anywhere 2S mouse in my bag was on and on the same channel as my Master MX on my desk. After turning the Anywhere mouse off in bag, I have control of my left click again.

Mouse in the drawer!!! With something pressing on the button. You saved me a trip to the repair shop. None of these options worked for me. Any other options to get past the login so I can get the the Apple menu to check my trackpad status? Aside from the planned obsolescence that is almost non existent in the PC world, your old pu will just run slower, maybe Apple is releasing too many versions too fast.

I had tried everything and was on to checking the trackpad settings, although was not able to arrow down into those sys pref menus to change anything. It dawned on me to use Siri! I have never found a use for her before! Saw the culprit. It was piled on a desk across the room but here it was showing as connected. And she did. And immediately I can click again. Thanks to you! I feel a little bit smarter now. In the end I gave the edging small shelf in which the trackpad sits a good clean of all the bits that had built up over the years and then when I put the trackpad back in it then worked fine.

I had to play with the work scew a little to get it perfect. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Nov 19, - 57 Comments. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Luke says: November 19, at 3: DCJ says: November 19, at Sheila says: April 22, at 5: Jay VerLinden says: November 19, at 5: Tom says: April 18, at 7: November 19, at 6: Gary Later says: Katbel says: November 20, at 1: Patrick M says: November 19, at 9: Irwin Judson says: November 19, at 7: James R Adelfson says: January 18, at 9: B says: November 25, at 2: IntMarine says: December 1, at 7: Nechama says: January 31, at 7: Rudy says: April 11, at Megan says: July 8, at 4: Philippe says: December 2, at 7: December 3, at 5: JoaLag says: January 28, at Willy pott says: February 10, at 4: John says: February 13, at 6: Jerome says: February 26, at 3: Nona says: February 26, at Andrew says: May 3, at 2: W8post Guardian says: June 9, at 2: June 12, at 6: Chris says: June 25, at 2: Carola Cespedes says: July 4, at 1: Kalman says: July 23, at 4: Michou says: July 26, at 2: Though usually it would take a fall or rather hard jarring of the laptop to dislodge that cable it should be locked down.

Another possible cause is battery swelling. If this Answer is helpful please remember to return and mark it Accepted. There has been no unusual battery behavior. As far as a ribbon becoming loose, the laptop was sitting on my desk all day. I have this issue but with battery swelling, replaced the keyboard though and the cables seem snug and still no connection, any idea? Emma - For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. For more prompt answers to your unique problem create your own original question. Of course you've read the other answers here and know about using a USB doesn't have to be Apple or Bluetooth keyboard for inputs.

I had keyboard problems after messing about in system preferences trying to gett double click to open files in finder, complete disaster, thought I would have to have new key board as many keys did not operate. Then I remembered what I had done in preferences: I solved the problem simply by disabling FirveVault. I did the SMC reset while my computer was on - it restarted and gave me several options, one of which was to disable FireVault.

I was using an external keyboard due to the fact that my default MacBook Pro keyboard was damaged by water. After choosing to disable FireVault, My external keyboard was brought back to full functionality. I was so happy because i thought i was never going to access all my precious data. FireVault is not compatible with certain computer passwords, that was the issue. Show 3 more comments. This restarted my Mid 15" MacBook Pro, and when it had booted the mouse and trackpad worked fine.

There was absolutely no rhyme or reason why it stopped in the first place; I was literally just in the middle of typing a se. Thank you!!!!! You just saved my life!!! I'm working on my bachelor thesis and I almost got a heart attack when my keypad and trackpad stopped working. After your help it's finally working: Thanks a lot!!!!! Show 48 more comments.

Unable to Click with Trackpad or Mouse in Mac OS? Here’s the Fix!

My mothers MacBook Air 13" suddenly became unresponsive with both the keyboard and trackpad. I could get them to work momentarily after a SMC Reset. Then resetting PRAM made it a bit better, to the degree for less than a minute. Obviously not acceptable! The best tools for the whole job were a wired external keyboard and a USB wired or wireless mouse, because they allowed me repair and to orchestrate the process without freezing.

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Mostly it allowed me to narrow down the problem and the capability of troubleshooting it. As a side note is that this whole problem seemed to clearly be that the MacBook Air was thinking it had Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad peripherals nearby.

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It's never even been near one in it's life. When I'd look at trackpad in preferences, the onboard settings were gone! This was also the case for the keyboard. I used my wireless bluetooth Apple keyboard to see if it would even see it. That's when I knew something was up. Usually I try everything before performing an OS restore but nothing would clean it not even an OS restore! But an upgrade and Presto! After all I went through I would recommend a possible fix that could save you lots of time. It's the reverse engineering of my fix. I didn't try it because the machine is working perfectly after all I did.

There's nothing to lose if it works and the process below will likely work if it does not. Personally I think Apple is avoiding admitting to a fix due to a Mud on the Face reaction. I was furious that a 1. The Power key actually should be working when none of there other keys do. Details for doing so below. Here we go First off, obviously back up all your important files externally using the functionality allowed by the connected keyboard and mouse. So Apple owes me a couple six packs of beer after making me pay them 20 bucks to fix their fault.

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Not holding my breath! Personally I think it's a firmware glitch somewhere on that particular hardware that is referred to as the Top Case. Glad I know the fix so when mine packs up I won't be so terrified! Her's came VERY close to finding the recycling bin. Darn lucky they don't sell cars!!!

You are the best thank you so so much. I can't express how freaking frustrated I was trying to type ASDF and thanks to these instructions it worked xoxo thank you!!! Dude, what if the keyboard isn't working at all to begin with? All the answers did not work. I had to crate an account with Admin rights. Then I had to login with that account, and delete my account. Crate my account again and login with my account. I had to login into my iCloud and get my files back from my backup.

This worked for me. Show 2 more comments. I have had this same problem occasionally, but I do believe that most of the posts in this forum are basically the same problem for the most part, that show up in various degrees of seriousness depending on the each machines' individual situation. Which is why different fixes work for different peoples systems. I would like to say thank you to all the contributors to this forum, because using most of the tips has helped me to solve my systems problem.

At least for now ;-. Had no problems at all until the original Factory installed apple battery decided to expand and swell the housing of the keyboard and trackpad. But the machine is 8 years old. Not sure this is an excuse though. So now I am thinking that this is a hardware problem, that in effect also shows up as a software problem. This is why I believe the whole bluetooth message shows up while booting.

I ran diagnostics. Hold down 'D' on keyboard before grey screen shows up. Not sure which versions of Mac OS this still works on, but it worked on mine. Mac OS X Lion The diagnostics came up with an issue. The error message: Apple Hardware Test has detected an error. Finally i decided, that the problem is on the left side of the machine close to the where the battery ribbon cable plugs in.

Because while booting the machine I decided to GENTLY press the cable connectors on the left side and the board itself, which suddenly brought the trackpad back to life. Then when I stopped pressing, the trackpad stopped responding. Now I'm not sure if any of the circuitry has bad solder joint or a ribbon cable had a broken wire or if a short circuit on the board occurred. I repeated the exercise of pressing the connectors etc in STEP 9 since the problem didn't go away and on the first occasion.

This time the Trackpad and Keyboard continued to work. The complexity of circuit boards today and the amount of heat that is present around that side of the machine could indeed lead to circuits malfunctioning intermittently, which is why some of the solutions that others tried actually worked. In my case the last attempt of pressing the left side of the circuitry and cable connectors has been working for 24 hours.

But I do believe that the situation could and probably will happen again. But I hope it doesn't. I use my machine while traveling so it does get moved around quite a bit, which could cause something to move within the system that recreates the problem.

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  • As a side note: Bad solder joints are well noted to cause this type of intermittent problem, as when the Bad solder joint occurs, it means a part of a circuit will not be functioning as the joint becomes open circuit which can have a plethora of different outcomes, depending on which part of the circuit is affected. Hopefully, this will help others with their issues. But remember never to add lots of heavy pressure when doing any of the above, otherwise the board could break so gentle is good. Since everything has been working, I decided to run Diagnostics again, and guess what?

    Test Results show: No Trouble found! So this now makes logical sense. The issue has been resolved at least temporarily, and the Diagnostics prove that. After trying everything I could read about it I still had the problem.

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    Then finally I found out my problem. I had access to the MacBook Air via an external keyboard and mouse. Same problem as above. My trackpad preferences did not see my onboard trackpad. Only a spinning wheel. My iMac preferences showed my MBA and was trying to share it.

    I think it had the monitor. I had two monitors showing in my upper menu. Totally fine. I assume I could have turned off bluetooth on the MacBook Air and it would have resolved the problem also. I imagine that if I took the MacBook Air for a walk away from my iMac the problem would have gone away also.

    The MacBook Air was waiting for the iMac to take over. I had the problem at home with MBA. Took to seller and everything worked perfectly. Came back home and problem continued.

    Why is my keyboard/trackpad not working?

    Turned off Bluetooth as you suggested, and now, all is well. Difficult to believe one has to go on an online search to find independent answers to Apple's shortcomings. Makes the idea of Apple customer service laughable. Bob Virzi. I had the exact same problem! Had to reboot using the power key, which was still working. I turned Bluetooth off and on again, and that restored my internal keyboard and trackpad functionality. I tried it because of the above comment on the MacBook Air thinking a Bluetooth mouse I had for my desktop was around. Thanks a lot for this man! I splashed some water on my keyboard and wiped it off with a towel and must of somehow turned the bluetooth on and disabled my mouse and keyboard.

    This fixed the problem instantly. Henrik Kjellin. I opened it and saw fresh milk! In such a case, there is only one thing to do, the distilled water trick. Then you put your Mac on a baking tray and rinse it with distilled water - humidity doesn't kill a computer, it's the salts, sugars and acids that does or in this case milk. Plug back in the battery, and it's as good as new! I'm writing on now: Per Jensen perjens. My Mac needed to be updated to latest OS-X. I updated and it still did not work.

    I tried many of the suggestions. Then shut-down the system and restarted normally, still working. For sure the OS-X update was the key, but if it was the safe mode start which gave the final fix I'm not sure why. Long story short on our used MacBook Air: Daughter said: I read where some folks had found press down hard on the case to fix things. So I removed the bottom cover, 3 screws to lift battery to expose trackpad.

    What I found was a small piece of waded up tissue size of dime smashed flat near the left side under battery, removed the piece of tissue. I tightened all the screws seated all the ribbon cables now it did not work at all even pressing hard. Between battery and trackpad to act as a spacer. Perhaps applying more pressure to the trackpad was what was needed here. Everything works as intended now! What someone did was use the tissue paper to add a bit of pressure. I don't recommend leaving the tissue paper here as it is flammable and it does get hot here.

    Best to all it out and use some kaptan tape or better yet replace the trackpad and the cable. Dan, I may try this. I feel like the technicians that replaced my battery may have done something that is making my MacBook Pro unresponsive. That ribbon cable might be getting too hot. Rrien dxnkiqiibcc. Had the same issue - trackpad and keyboard not working on MacBook.

    How To Fix Macbook Pro Retina Touchpad Mouse not clicking - Fix Macbook Air Trackpad Click admin